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    The world is blogging. It is widely accepted as a new means of communication and expression. Blogging is ever growing over the World Wide Web platform. It allows bloggers to spew out whatever they have in there heart and on their mind. It allows readers to post their comments and reactions. The various features of blogging have catapulted it to popularity. Started merely as an online diary or journal of events, it has evolved over the years by crossing barriers of purpose, subject and plain text. It is being utilized for many unforeseen advantages.

    Obviously, it has become an important tool to talk about or promote your business. If you own a business and you are not blogging about it, then you are failing to utilize one of the most effective, cheapest and popular mediums of advertising. But still, time is not lost. Here we tell you how blogging can really grow your business.

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    Two-thirds of all change initiatives fail. This is a sobering fact for all managers and leaders in organizations. A case-in-point is a senior executive we’ll call Robert from Magenta (not its real name). Robert needed to change the organization’s culture to meet the needs of the newly developed strategy. The strategy had been well thought out and the executive team they needed to execute it well to thrive and prosper in the future – perhaps even to survive.

    As CEO, Robert needed everyone in the organization – not just those in formal leadership positions – to be engaged in the change process, actively working to reduce inefficient processes, addressing poor customer service and the subsequent below par financial results.
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    There is no such thing as a free lunch, but there is such a thing as free promotion. And believe me, in these trying economic times, free is a word that everyone should be paying attention to.

    Ask Yourself This Question — What Makes You Unique?
    Your mother always told you there was nobody in the world like you. She was right, you know. Author and marketer Seth Godin takes that concept one step further in his book, Purple Cow. In Purple Cow Godin tells business owners to transform their business by being remarkable.

    Simply put, if you want to stand out, be the purple cow. One great way to showcase your inner purple cow-ness is the free social media site known as Squidoo (which incidentally, is also the creation of Seth Godin). You can create a fully-featured webpage (called „lenses”) which showcases your unique perspective on virtually any topic you can think of. To tylko część wpisu. Czytaj dalej »

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